Trinity Campaigns by Jason Corley

"Thou floating film upon the wonder-fraught
Ocean of dreams! Thou hast no dream so rare
As are thy sons and daughters, they who wear
Foam-flakes of charm from thine enchantment caught!
O dark brown eyes! O tangles of dark hair!" --- John Addington Symonds

Los Angeles Reclamation Subdistrict - 2137

[ Picture Of Administrator
Julien ]

A Welcome From Administrator Julien

Welcome to the Los Angeles Reclamation Subdistrict. I hope your stay will be an interesting, enjoyable and profitable one. Here along the edge of the Pacific Ocean, a once-great city strives to reclaim its heritage from the depths of the sea and bring about a new era of greatness. Los Angeles suffered many privations in the War. Earthquakes, rising tides and other Aberrant-spawned attacks laid it low. Under the Reorganization of the Federated States, though, the flight of Californios has reversed and Los Angeles is again growing steadily. The Reclamation Authority will ensure that your stay is a safe and productive one and that you will return again to our colorful seas, beautiful domes and spires.

Harald Julien
Chief Administrator

[ Picture of
Victor Wolfson ]

"I was born in America. I am not sure of a lot else about what happened between my birth and now. I am a very old man now. But I remember, I was born in America. Los Angeles was a city on land, then. In the center of it, in the center of America, there was a phone booth, painted yellow, with a black telephone inside. Sometimes when you would pass it, the phone would be ringing. Sometimes when you would pass it and the phone was ringing, you would go in and pick it up. But there was never anyone there. There was only the empty sound of a blank line, or the click of a disconnection, or the hiss of wind along the wires. By the time I was sixteen, I had learned not to go in the phone booth and pick up the phone. I believed that I'd had enough of calls that weren't for me. But I was very young, then. I did not know what would be coming." --- Victor Wolfson, Aeon Trinity Director for Southern California

This is the website for my Trinity campaigns. The first was run in 2000, campaign year 2136. The second is being run in 2004, campaign year 2137. I have intentionally left a lot of Los Angeles very vague, and somewhat surreal.

The PCs will continue to face the inexplicable machinations of the Reclamation Authority, climb the glittering spires of the offshore Free Trade Platform, and descend to the depths of Santa Catalina to puzzle out the best way to bring freedom to their corner of the world.

As with all things, though, even this teaser text must end.

Campaign Information

Thank You

I cannot let this campaign begin without giving a heartfelt thank you to Steve Erickson, the author of Rubicon Beach, the first third of which inspired the vision of LA that forms the basis for this game.
"California is a queer place- in a way, it has turned its back on the world, and looks into the void Pacific. It is absolutely selfish, very empty, but not false, and at least, not full of false effort." --- D. H. Lawrence

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