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The CIA Quiz

See if you can identify which CIA operations (or proposed operations) are real and which are fictional!
  1. Acquire a Taganyikan crocodile gall bladder and other poisonous viscera for experiments.
  2. Contact an African witch doctor for expertise in poisoning.
  3. Train seals and otters.
  4. Monitor 'bioplasma fields' of agents.
  5. Test the sonar of electric fish for possible use in espionage.
  6. Develop 'calibrated' blackjacks.
  7. Attempt to develop assassination techniques that could be masked as cancer or heart attacks by experimenting on terminal patients under the guise of 'legitimate medical work'.
  8. Confine foreign leaders whose usefulness to the Agency had ended in CIA-proprietary mental institutions.
  9. Propose to use drugs, electroconvulsive therapy and brain surgery to silence agents whose connection to the Agency was known.
  10. Purchase an airline, then bid for plum defense contracts using insider information.
  11. Manipulate the elections of Guatemala in conjunction with multinational corporations.
  12. Manipulate the elections of Chile in conjunction with multinational corporations.
  13. Screen letters of protest regarding the Rosenberg execution so that President Eisenhower would not know the true extent of opposition to the execution.
  14. Join forces with Howard Hughes to recover a sunken Russian submarine, then cover up the salvage effort.
  15. Use propaganda to discredit critics of the Warren Commission's investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy.
  16. Monitor 'dissident' activities at colleges.
  17. Assassinate Fidel Castro with a gun concealed in a television camera.
  18. Assassinate Fidel Castro with a bazooka fired at his seat in Havana Stadium.
  19. Reduce Fidel Castro's popularity by spreading rumors of sexual impotence.
  20. Reduce Fidel Castro's popularity by putting depilatory chemicals in his shoes to make his beard fall out.
  21. Assassinate Fidel Castro by allying with Mafia interests and poisoning him in his favorite restaurant.
  22. Assassinate Fidel Castro by putting tuberculosis bacteria in his scuba mask.
  23. Demoralize rebel forces in the Phillipines by capturing sentries at night, punching two holes in their neck, hanging them from trees until the blood drained out, and then returning the bloodless corpse to the sentry's position to excite fear of vampires.
Answers below!

All of these are actual CIA proposals or activities.

(Sources: FOIA documents, "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate", and "Blond Ghost: Ted Shackley and the CIA's Crusades")
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