GURPS: The Dark Project

This is a page for my good friend Ryan Franklin's GURPS: The Dark Project game, which we are currently playing weekly. The game is based on the excellent computer game, Thief: The Dark Project.

We have messed around with the Thief glossary given on the Through The Looking Glass site and adapted it to our own uses. Check out our version of The Guide To The City. Note that I have tried to reduce the amount of references that we wouldn't know about - but I kept in quite a bit about the Hammerites and pagans that we might not know about, for idea work and continuity-fiddling. As always, everything is in Ryan's hands. Also, some of the stuff in there is from fanfics and so forth.

You should also check out the Masterbook Cards GURPS Conversion that I did, to translate the "dramatic" portions of the Masterbook cards to GURPS. We're using these rules in the game.

Character Pictures

[ Picture of Michelle
Pfeiffer ]Michelle Pfeiffer as Angel Fontaine, torch singer. (Played by Kim Applegate.) Character sheet for 126-point version of Angel.

 [ Picture of Joseph 
Fiennes ] Joseph Fiennes as "Fitz" Hurstwood, penny-press publisher.

Character sheet for Fitz.

Fitz's Big Contact List.

Description of the Old Quarter Courier.

Issues of the Old Quarter Courier. The big stories, anyway...

Fitz's notes. Fitz's to-do list.

"Journalists belong in the gutter because that is where the ruling classes throw their guilty secrets." --- Gerald Priestland

 [ Picture of Joseph
Fiennes explaining something ] I play the character and I'm writing this page, so I get two pictures, dammit. In this picture, he explains something to Town Guardsman Snelling, well-known as the worst cop in any RPG ever played.

[ Linda Cardellini as Viola
] Here's a picture of Viola Gwynham, aka "The Scarlet Fox", the daughter of a minor noble who has turned to thievery (and giving the proceeds to the poor) out of boredom and contempt for her peers.
[ Another picture ]Viola is played by Sara Kuwahara in our game and by Linda Cardellini in these pictures. This is more of what she looks like when she's dolled up to be doing court type noble type stuff.

John's character Prior Alwith has such a beautiful picture that I can't bring myself to edit it for size, and it's reeeeeally big. Go and see.

Prior's watch has some magical doodad properties. Another view. Yet even another view.

Some images of Prior's place in the ancient clocktower: A doorway. A longer view. Perhaps that last picture depicts it as it existed before the city grew out around it? It's creepy anyway.

 [ Picture of Gary Oldman
looking sinister ]Here's Adam's character, Hugh "Never trust anyone with two first names" Brian, merchant and secret thief.
 [Another Gary Oldman
Picture]Another picture of Hugh Brian.
 [Gary Oldman in Black and
White] Good lord! He gets three pictures!!!

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