Intelligence Timeline

This document is a summary of available information in Agency files regarding important incidents in the development of TENEBROUS human assets. This timeline is for summary purposes only and should only be used in conjunction with examination of full Agency files. The classification of this document is Secret, although the documents that the information is drawn from is Top Secret compartmentalized.

1928 - James Shelton born.
1956 - Sputnik incident. Maur Phaeton born.
1968 - Revolution in Bryngali. 1972 - Jim Shelton captured in spy plane crash.
1975 - Samantha Davis born. Lucas Heimden born.
1976 - Ariel Kaimana born. Frank Moby born.
1977 - Jim Shelton returns to U.S. in SALT I-connected prisoner exchange.
1984 - Cecilia Johnson born. Tristan Russell born.
1985-1987 Samantha Davis' mutant abilities emerge gradually.
1985 - Maur Phaeton's sister is killed in a mutant-related incident.
1987 - Jim Shelton violates supervision agreement and is incarcerated. Department of Defense program to create mutant commando covert operations unit cancelled.
1997 - Cecilia Johnson develops mental abilities.
2000 - After a car accident, Cecilia Johnson develops healing powers. Attempts murder of father and disappears three months later.
2001 - Kaimana and Heimden are in Phaeton Incident, join Supremas. First proposal of TENEBROUS submitted to Agency policymakers.
2002 - In conflict with mutant vigilantes in Los Angeles, Cecilia Johnson is arrested. Later that year, Kaimana and Heimden are arrested in Justice Force raid on Supremas operation. TENEBROUS is approved through executive order and funded from black budget appropriations.
2003 - Tristan Russell arrested. TENEBROUS is approved through Directorate of Operations. TENEBROUS personnel are selected and brought together for their first meeting.

Operational Timeline

August 2003 - Operation INTENSE ANGEL.
September 2003 - Operation ESSENTIAL FORGE
October 2003 - Operation NOMAD HARBOR
November 2003 - Operation ADJECTIVE NOUN
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