General Summary

Taken from the Department of State's yearly summary report "Patterns of Global Terrorism" (2002). It should be noted that any prejudices in the report are reflective of those of the State Department and Agency operatives should focus on factual analysis, not political evaluation.


The world's foremost mutant supremacist organization; appears to be loosely organized. Has a worldwide presence and a very limited external wing. The group first appeared in 1976 when it participated in an attempted coup in Chile that was put down by local forces and joint United States-British troops. SUP operates using a cell system, communication is undertaken by unknown means. Unlike many cell systems, there are common directives from the top people, three mutants who we theorize are of extreme power and influence over the organization. Cease-fire issued in 1980, rescinded in 1983. Former American Director of SUP, Deb "Gemstone" Jamka is incarcerated at the Castle serving ten consecutive life sentences. Other members are incarcerated elsewhere in the world.

The goal of SUP is to unite the world under a single mutant dictatorship with humans relegated to a servant or slave role. There are conflicting factions within SUP which differ as to the best ways to reach this goal, the eventual role of humans in and beneath the mutant world government, and the development of relations with other organizations and nations.

There are three activities which SUP specializes in: 1. armed and mutant assaults on government, corporate and other authority apparatuses, 2. infiltration of mutants and cooperative humans into authority apparatuses for the purpose of eventual domination and takeover, 3. propaganda and recruiting of mutants. Claimed responsibility for twelve major and nine minor terrorist attacks throughout the world between 1976 and the present day.

Unknown. There are at the very least more than five hundred full members worldwide, all mutants of varying power levels. There are likely another three to four hundred partial members who are either mutants or cooperative humans.

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