I look forward to working with you and have prepared this addendum to the operational theater memorandum issued by the Agency.

I do not think it is wise for me to try to guess the motivations of the staffers preparing that report, but they have completely omitted several international organizations active in your operational theater. These organizations are based in America, and so perhaps they are simply taking the admonition against involving TENEBROUS in American politics a little too much to heart. I suspect, however, that this is very much not the case.

There are three organizations in America which I think are crucial and should be delineated.

  1. Humanity's Protectors. This right-wing group is fundamentalist Christian and either fears or wishes that the destruction of the Net in 1957 and the appearance of mutants are signs of the End Times, equating mutants to lower beasts or demons.They have been able to tap into the deep-running fear of their followers, amassing a great deal of resources and through it, enormous political clout. They have also expanded their operations beyond America's political arena to include "missionary" work that has involved the organization in other nations. Obviously, because of their political power here in America, dealing with them in a covert manner is very dangerous and sensitive. Unfortunately, their religious convictions and political beliefs are such that they often inject themselves into metahuman affairs in other nations as well.

  2. Justice Force. The power-armor-wearing anti-metahuman police force established under the Department of Justice is extraordinarily popular with the American public. Although operations outside the U.S. in conjunction with Interpol or other national law enforcement agencies are rare, they do occur. For political reasons, Justice Force does not employ metahumans, which gives the us flexibility that Justice doesn't have.

  3. Familia Torres. Of course you are all aware of Joey Torres' criminal organization. Torres, a super-intelligent mobster from California has been incarcerated at the Castle on seventy-three life sentences for racketeering and murder for hire. However, his metahuman criminal organization is still the premier metahuman criminal organization in the world, with tendrils in Mexico, California and the East Coast. Because of their international connections and shady dealings it is almost inevitable that you will come across Torres' men somewhere. The chief danger posed by the Familia is that because of their connections with America's underworld, you may be especially vulnerable to their activities. On the other hand, it also means it will be easier for you to find information with which to target them.

There may be other groups encountered during TENEBROUS' lifespan and I urge you to use all the resources you can to classify and evaluate them. This intel will help us figure out how best to use the team effectively and safely.

Frank Moby

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