Cecilia Johnson

Cecilia Louise Johnson

Cryptonym: ZOMBIE


Cecilia Johnson was born in Denver, Colorado. She is 19 years old, unmarried and has no children.

Before being recruited into PROJECT TENEBROUS, Johnson had completed one year of an extended sentence in the Bellewether Federal Correctional Institute for multiple crimes committed in eight western and southwestern states. Reports describe her as "uncommunicative" and "withdrawn" during this period; on at least one occasion she was admitted to the prison infirmary for treatment for malnutrition. Though Johnson herself refused to discuss the matter, a subsequent investigation revealed that other inmates had been taking meals away from her for well over a week. The Agency has promised her conditional freedom and a sentence reduction in exchange for her cooperation with PROJECT TENEBROUS; as part of this agreement, Johnson must also meet with a licensed therapist on a weekly basis.

At the time of Johnson's arrest, FBI agents had amassed a mountain of evidence against her, including the theft of 82 cars (34 stolen from parking lots or driveways and 48 taken from a driver by use of telepathic mind control) as well as the illegal sale of three of those cars and the reckless destruction of eighteen others. Two vehicles believed stolen by Johnson have yet to be recovered.

Evidence was also gathered to demonstrate at least 49 incidents of Johnson breaking into a residence; in 32 of these cases, the residents were at home and compelled to admit her through the use of telepathic suggestion. Johnson is also known to have broken into 12 businesses for the purpose of robbery. Over the two years she spent hiding from law enforcement, Johnson has been linked to cash thefts from at least 64 victims, totalling approximately $9,500, and property theft (excluding vehicles) from at least 23 victims, totalling approximately $34,000. On the night of her apprehension in Los Angeles, Johnson battled a metahuman vigilante team (known by the pseudonyms Valkyrie and Crusader), resulting in $209,000 of damage to residential property and an estimated $950,000 in damage to the downtown business district.

Johnson was also found guilty of the attempted murder of her father, Darrell Johnson, and of setting fire to his home. Bureau investigators acknowledge that this is certainly possible, but that the physical evidence to support it is inconclusive at best.

Investigators have also been unable to present evidence or witnesses to confirm Johnson's participation in several dozen more thefts of property and/or vehicles, unexplained burglaries, and the mysterious deaths of 3 people (an insurance agent in Santa Fe, NM, a long-distance trucker outside Reno, NV, and a sheriff's deputy in Lodi, CA). Johnson is known to have been in the vicinity for each of these incidents, but little else can be determined.

Known Abilities

Johnson's first confirmed use of metahuman powers occurred during a domestic disturbance when she was 16; while FBI investigators believe her powers must have manifested as many as five years earlier, though she has so far declined to confirm this.

Johnson's known powers include telekinesis and some facility with telepathic mind control. Experts estimate that Johnson is capable of exerting sufficient telekinetic force to manipulate over six tons of material or to break through a concrete wall, and that she would score at least a five on the Patterson Telepathic Index. Some testing performed during her incarceration at the Bellewether FCI suggests that her native intelligence may also be significantly enhanced. Besides these formidable mental abilities, Johnson heals serious injuries at a greatly accelerated rate.

Johnson's innate regenerative capacity does not seem to behave according to the established literature on accelerated metahuman healing; rather than consistently returning to a cosmetically perfect form, her healing factor seems to merely restore gross functionality while leaving open wounds, scars, bruising, and other flaws untouched. Prison infirmary records also indicate that Johnson's body seems to spontaneously generate or re-open these visible wounds and apparent injuries, and slough off sections of skin to expose the tissue beneath. Additionally, a jaundiced film has formed over Johnson's eyes, though this does not seem to impair her vision significantly. As a result, Johnson is unable to conceal her metahuman nature from the public; the greyish, necrotic pallor of her exposed skin combined with her extensive scarring and inhuman eyes tends to provoke violent emotion from others.

Additional Information

As part of her ongoing therapy, Johnson maintains a diary and visits Dr. Arthur Edward Preston regularly.

Character Sheet

Name: Cecilia Louise Johnson
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow, no visible pupils
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 100lbs

Intelligence 7
Strength 1
Agility 2
Speed 3
Durability 3

Health 3
Energy 14

Modifiers and Equipment

Healing Factor
Obvious Mutant (pale, necrotic skin, exposed tissue, diseased-looking yellow film over eyes, hideous scars)
Nemesis (Valkyrie and Crusader, metahuman vigilantes)


Telepathy 5

Intelligence Bonus, Project Thoughts/Control Others, Illusions

Telekinesis 6

Intelligence Bonus, Weapon Modifier

Flight 1

Thieving 3

Agility Bonus, Stealing Cars, Hiding, Move Silently

Technology 1

Intelligence Bonus

Ranged Combat 1

Handguns, Weapon Bonus

Vehicle Operation 1

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