The mutant vigilante known as "Valkyrie" is female, estimated to be in her early twenties and from a northern province of Mexico, due to her accent. (Voice analysis files appended in supplemental report.) She first appeared in Los Angeles in 2000 and ambushed three known mutant operatives of La Familia Torres. Although she has fought crime and mutant criminals in general, her main targets appear to be members of Familia Torres. She displays excellent knowledge of underworld operations indicating that she has some inside source of knowledge. Her abilities are largely tied to her exceptional strength and agility, and to the projection of a field of an unknown energy that explodes upon contact with its targets.

It is likely that Valkyrie's intelligence-gathering capabilities are focused on a regional area, because she has primarily appeared in Sonora, Baja California, Southern California, and Arizona. Worked into her costume is a kevlar layer that grants her partial protection from firearms. (Her explosive field sometimes also provides partial protection but she does not seem able to rely on this.)

In 2002, in Los Angeles, Valkyrie and Crusader entered into a protracted conflict with Cecilia Louise Johnson, aka "Zombie". They originally targetted her when she stole a large amount of money from a Familia Torres safehouse.

Her true identity is not known. She is partnered with the Crusader, very closely, implying that they know each others identity and are closely linked even outside their vigilante careers.

Valkyrie is currently wanted for questioning, but the Los Angeles County District Attorney has not sought a warrant for her arrest. She has no previous conflict with Justice Force, due to her maintenance of a quick escape route in cases where she may come into contact with law enforcement. However, the FBI has listed her as a "person of interest".

Character Sheet

Intelligence 2
Strength 4
Agility 5
Speed 2
Durability 4

Health 4
Energy 12

Modifiers and Equipment

Armor +1
Mental Defense +2
Sword +2 (adds +1 Targeting to Fireworks or +1 to Flight per panel)


Close Combat 4

Equipment or Strength Bonus

Fireworks 6

Social Skills 4

Seduction, Intimidation, Underworld, Regional

Black Ops 4

Ambush, Escape, Pursuit, Surveillance, Interrogation

Flight 2

Can add to Close Combat

Acrobatics 3

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