Unknown Subject IA-3


This subject has a male voice. Age and appearance unknown. While invisible, he used a silenced pistol to attempt to kill TENEBROUS operatives on OPERATION INTENSE ANGEL. He also displayed mind control abilities sufficient to temporarily immobilize HAZE.

He escaped in the confusion and his whereabouts, current activities, and ultimate loyalties are unknown.

Intelligence 3
Strength 2
Agility 2
Speed 2
Durability 3

Health 3
Energy 9

Modifiers and Equipment

Toughness +1
Mental Defense +2
Mutant (-1)
Pistol +2 (+1, silenced)


Black Ops 5

Stealth, Ambushes, Tactics, Escape

Close Combat 2

Strength or Weapon Bonus

Social Skills 1


Ranged Combat 4

Weapon Bonus

Invisibility 5

Telepathy 4

Mind Control only, brief commands only
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