Joseph "Joey" Torres


Torres was born in San Diego. It is not known when his mutant super-intelligence abilities first appeared or when he turned them to a criminal organization. Suffice to say that under his direction, the streetgang that he was a member of at age fifteen was able to completely dominate the drug trade in San Diego and Drug Enforcement Agency documents theorize that he made his first illicit million by age sixteen.

The "Familia Torres" dominates all criminal activity throughout the Southwest, Northern Mexico, and has made significant inroads into the East Coast and South America, traditionally the strongholds of Mafia, Colombian and Sudombian organized crime.

Torres is currently incarcerated at FCI Bellwether on year two of seventy-three consecutive life sentences for racketeering and murder for hire.

Intelligence 8
Strength 3
Agility 2
Speed 2
Durability 3

Health 3
Energy 16

Modifiers and Equipment

Reflexive Dodge +2


Business Skills 6

Intelligence Bonus
Criminal Enterprises, Hiding Money, Bookkeeping, Entrepreneur

Social Skills 6

Organization, Criminal, International, Mexico, Intimidation, Interrogation

Close Combat 2

Brawling, Knife

Ranged Combat 3

Pistol, SMG, Shotgun
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