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Ariel Kaimana


Ariel Kaimana was born in 1976 to Norma and Dale Kaimana in Kahaluhi, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. She was the second of three children. She graduated from Kahaluhi High School and attended the University of Hawaii where she achieved a bachelor's of science degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. During her graduate work at the Haleakala Solar Observatory, she worked for Dr. Maur Phaeton. While there, an accident of unknown nature, thought to be caused by Supremas operatives, awakened her mutant abilities and those of her fiancee Lucas. Kaimana blames Phaeton for the incident, claiming that he was conducting unauthorized and torturous experiments on mutant subjects and that he attempted to kill her and Lucas. At any rate, Supremas agents acquired Lucas and Kaimana, and the two of them became first conscripts, then pro-mutant terrorists.

After the Supremas cell was eliminated in a Justice Force ambush, Kaimana was brought to FCI-Bellewether where she has been incarcerated on numerous assault, conspiracy murder, and terrorism charges since that time. Few others in their Supremas cell escaped, but among those that did was Cynric Trent.

Kaimana is a brilliant computer technician and is familiar with almost all computer programming languages and variants. She has been suspected, but not proven to have tampered with government and private organizational funding. She is learned in astrophysics, chemistry and biology and seems has more than an adequate understanding of computer hardware. Kaimana's body radiates and absorbs light of multiple spectrums. Her powers are strengthened by sunlight and diminished when placed in total darkness. Kaimana's glowing eyes allow her to see in the dark and into the ultraviolet. She is also able to turn into pure bright light. In this form Kaimana is able to fly, and emit energy blasts. Kaimana can also interact with computers and electronics with any sort of optical interface, by handling the fiberoptic cable.

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