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James Herschel Shelton


Commander James 'Jim' Herschel Shelton was born in Biloxi, Mississippi to John Clay Shelton, a gas driller, and Lucille Margaret Shelton. Both his parents and a single sister are deceased. He was divorced in 1975 by his wife of 22 years, Jane and has two children, an older daughter Holly and a younger son James Jr. He has not remarried and has limited interaction with his family since his wife remarried in January, 1979.

Despite a nondescript academic career Commander Shelton is one of the most talented aviators and decorated officers the Naval Academy has ever produced. Both in combat and in space flight he has distinguished himself with 245 kills in aerial combat and 26 flights above the boundary of space; three of those flights were orbital missions. In the Korean conflict Commander Shelton distinguished himself with an exceptional rescue of a 5-man gunship crew in his charge, for which President Eisenhower presented him with the Medal of Honor recognizing his exceptional valor. He also received the Flying Cross, Navy Cross, and the Yeager Trophy among many other decorations.

Later, Shelton was transfered to the Naval Flight Test Center in Muroc California and flew several record-setting experimental rocket planes including the , X-20A DynaSoar, the X-1B and the X-2 as well as several supersonic fighter prototypes. His second application to the Naval Astronautics Program was accepted. Shortly after graduating from advanced training he became the first Naval officer to earn astronaut wings, flying above the boundary between air and space that bears his name (Shelton's Line.) In recognition of his superior technical and leadership skills, Commander Shelton was offered a promotion to the Office of the Navy in Washington, DC but deferred the position until the ALMIGHTY-6 flight was completed in 1971.

This flight was intended to determine the status of the Net following the Sputnik impact, and had even used (now completely discredited) means to determine exactly where Sputnik struck the Net. Expecting to find a "hole" or some debris from a collision, Shelton instead was rocketed at high speed into a conglomeration of chaotically tumbling orichalcum fragments.

Without navigational fixes from the rigid Net that was now known to not exist, and in the absence of a guidance computer Shelton began the difficult re-entry procedure manually. Contact after ionization black-out was not regained, and based on some pieces of debris recovered in the North Sea ALMIGHTY-6 and Commander Shelton were assumed lost.

During a CIA prisoner swap operation in April 1977, the USSR returned certain undocumented prisoners from the infamous Kalasvanian Democratic People's Prison. Jim Shelton was among those prisoners recovered in this exchange and reported for duty thereafter. During a routine medical examination his newly mutagenic status was discovered and aggressive treatment began. Commander Shelton's flight status and security clearances were revoked in compliance with Executive Order #21566 after treatment for his condition was unsuccessful.

It is clear that Shelton's mutancy has caused or exacerbated deep psychological problems including massive and potentially dangerous delusions when in the Shellshock form.

Medical studies show Commander Shelton's physique to be that of man in his mid 30's despite an actual age of 76.

Character Sheet (Jim/Shellshock)

Intelligence: 2/2
Strength: 2/10 (13 when enraged)
Agility: 4/2
Speed: 3/3
Durability: 3/6 (8 when enraged)
Health: 3/6 (8)
Energy: 9/18 (24)

Modifiers and Equipment




Operate Vehicle 5: Spacecraft, Fighter jet, Hot rods, Helicopters, Transport plane

Social Skills 5: Military ops, Prison culture, Streetwise, Charm, Socialite

General Knowledge 3: Military protocols and procedures,Aerospace engineering, _________

Ranged Combat 4: Pistol, aircraft gunnery, improvised, thrown


Close Combat 4: Strength bonus: Improvised weapon, Club, Martial Arts, Constriction

Growth 2: Up to 40' tall, cannot be improved. Must be attacked first in some way.

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