Vietnam-era file photo

Stuart Gibson

Cryptonym: SCENIC


Stuart Gibson is 44, a widower, with no children. Gibson is a decorated Vietnam veteran who showed an aptitude for sniper work and was highly trained, achieving the highest rating possible for Green Berets, despite being drafted at a very young age. While in Vietnam he married a woman named Kahn Vo, a distant relative of one of a Viet Minh general whose loyalty was suspect. As a result of this relationship, Gibson was not considered for intelligence work.

Kahn changed her name to Constance when she moved to the United States and died of liver-related disease after years of alcoholism. Gibson himself was addicted to marijuana and in and out of prisons throughout the United States when he was recruited, forcibly rehabilitated, and placed on the BACKLIGHT program. His politics are slightly anti-authoritarian, but he understands the importance of following orders and considers his Agency work the best way to provide for his retirement years, which are fast upon him.

Character Sheet

Intelligence 2
Strength 2
Agility 2
Speed 3
Durability 2

Health 2
Energy 6

Modifiers and Equipment

M40A1 sniper rifle and rig +2 (x2 damage)
M9 9mm Pistol (+2)
Targeting 1


Ranged Combat 5

Weapon Bonus

Black Ops 3

Surveillance, Survival Behind Lines, Covert Ops

Close Combat 2

Knife, Martial Arts
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