Charles "Charlie" Savasta


Savasta, a well-known fixer in the Los Angeles area associated with Familia Torres, has been arrested four times on drug and extortion charges and sent to prison for blackmailing four corporate executives for influence and money in 2002. He was released last year and immediately returned to his previous activities.

Current status: After torturing Fernando Aceda to death, according to Los Angeles Police Department files, Savasta disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown. It is likely he has left the Los Angeles area and is currently in hiding.

Intelligence 2
Strength 2
Agility 2
Speed 2
Durability 2

Health 2
Energy 6

Modifiers and Equipment

Toughness +1
Extra Languages +1: Spanish


Criminal 3

Close Combat 2

Strength or Weapon Bonus

Ranged Combat 2

Weapon Bonus
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