Maria LNU


This unknown female subject is known to be a mercenary who will work for the highest bidder, and prefers to operate in South and Central America for the Denenraran Cartel, as well as among mercenary forces of several nations. Her name, according to the memories of those scanned by ZOMBIE, is "Maria" or "Maria Quatro", perhaps indicating that she is the fourth person to bear the alias Maria, or that she is number four in an unknown grouping of persons.

Current status: Although she was beaten into oblivion by SHELLSHOCK in an August 2003 raid on a Sudombian Irregular Force prison camp (OPERATION INTENSE ANGEL), she recovered and escaped, due to her exceptional healing abilities. Her current whereabouts and activities are unknown.

Intelligence 3
Strength 6
Agility 6
Speed 3
Durability 3

Health 5
Energy 15

Modifiers and Equipment

Toughness +5
Enhanced Healing Factor
Mutant (-1)


Black Ops 3

Close Combat 4

Strength or Weapon Bonus

Social Skills 1

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