Janet Lazzatie

Cryptonym: PENNY


Lazzatie was born in Orange, New Jersey. She is 22 years old, unmarried and has no children. Until recruitment, Lazzatie was serving a 50 year sentence in Federal Prison Camp - Alderson (a minimum security facility) for computer crimes, wire theft, fraud, embezzlement and related offenses.

She was convicted at age 19 of what is undeniably the greatest successful theft in the history of banking: one penny from every financial transaction completed on one banking day. Despite intensive searches, the Treasury Department has been unable to locate all of the money she stole and the case has been closed. The Agency has promised that the government will not look for this money so long as she serves in PROJECT BACKLIGHT. Thus she is, in addition to extremely talented, extremely rich.

Her attitude is one of the typical juvenile thrillseeker, but she can be kept on task. She is also slightly flirtatious. A rather pudgy and acne-ridden youth came to an end when she made her score and paid for the various medicines, spas, wardrobe and treatments to make her physically attractive. Lazzatie is still enjoying "the new her" as much from the newness of it as from any actual natural seductive manner.

Character Sheet

Intelligence 4
Strength 1
Agility 1
Speed 1
Durability 2

Health 2
Energy 8

Modifiers and Equipment

Attractive +1
M9 9mm Pistol (+2)
Hacking Rig +2


Technology 5

Intelligence Bonus, Hacking, Computers, Electronics, Engineering

Close Combat 1

Agility Bonus or Weapon Bonus, Kickboxing

Thieving 2

Agility Bonus, Con Artist, Blend In

Social Skills 2

Seduction, Hacker

Ranged Combat 1

Weapon Bonus
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