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Pablo Navarro


Our information regarding Pablo Navarro comes from Federal Bureau of Investigation sources that are still being evaluated for accuracy and completeness.

Pablo Navarro was born in Sao Paolo, in Brazil, and is 24 years old. His parents were serious drug smugglers connected to several cartels. The Agency has not been able to confirm that they also assisted Agency assets in Nicaragua during the Sandinista crisis of the 1980s.

It is not known when his telepathic abilities emerged. He has denied having any other mutant abilities. Navarro is currently in federal custody on charges of racketeering and facilitation of organized crime related murder of federal agents. He has not yet been formally charged, for reasons unknown to the Agency at this time.

He is currently incarcerated in the Castle.

Character Sheet

Intelligence 4
Strength 2
Agility 2
Speed 2
Durability 2

Health 2
Energy 8

Modifiers and Equipment

Silenced 9mm Pistol (+2)


Telepathy 6

Intelligence Bonus, Mind Control,

Ranged Combat 3

Weapon Modifier

Thievery 3

Sneaking, Stealing, Pickpocketing, Organizing

Social Skills 3

Underworld, Streetwise, Mexico
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