Andrei Kypren


Kypren is an old-line officer of the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SRU), a former KGB operative who worked his way up through the ranks primarily via espionage and subversion during the invasion of Afghanistan. During the purges, he was briefly out of favor with SRU leadership but after President Putin came to power, he used his political contacts in that administration to be reaappointed to a high-level policymaking post with little oversight. Captured internal SRU documents indicate that Kypren is a strong advocate of expanded use of mutant mercenaries in Russian intelligence and military operations.

It is theorized but not proven that Kypren benefitted from right-wing Islamic fear and hatred of mutants during the Afghan conflict by using mercenaries in terror operations on behalf of the Soviets. Mutant terrorists operated in that country during the Soviet conflict and their origin and motivations have never been conclusively shown.

Current status: Moscow station reports that Kypren has returned to Russia. His activities there are currently unknown.

Intelligence 3
Strength 3
Agility 2
Speed 2
Durability 3

Health 3
Energy 9

Modifiers and Equipment

Toughness +1
Targetting +1
Backed By The Government +3


Leadership 4

Social Skills 3

Close Combat 4

Strength or Weapon Bonus

Ranged Combat 4

Weapon Bonus

Technology 2

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