Justice Force Power Armor - Standard Loadout


The typical Justice Force Power Armor user is male, white, between the ages of 26 and 38, and has a background in law enforcement. Most have finished some college education.

This is the standard loadout for Justice Force Power Armor, and the minimum of training.

Intelligence 2
Strength 6
Agility 2
Speed 3
Durability 4

Health 4
Energy 12

Modifiers and Equipment

The Justice Force Power Armor normally has 100 stones of energy to contribute to these Modifiers. Thus, if the user activates all modifiers, it can operate for 13 Panels. Individual red stones can be shifted into this energy bank as well, at no more than the regeneration rate of 4.

Toughness: 2
Enhanced Vision: 2 (See in Darkness, Infrared)
Energy Defense: 1
Mental Defense: 1
Sonar Sense: 1
Targeting: 1


Flight 5

Force Blast 4

Close Combat 4

Wrestling, three others

Hunting/Tracking 3

Stalk, Set Up/Spot Ambush, Urban Environment
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