[ Frank
Moby, with informant. ]

Agent Frank Moby

Cryptonym: ISHMAEL


Officer Moby was born in Iowa, attended Cornell where he majored in Linguistics, Political Science and Economics, graduating with top honors. Recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency, he was assigned first to a crucial Eastern European listening post and analysis station. His administrative, analysts and linguistic skills are unsurpassed. He was the head of the committee which prepared the seminal intelligence analysis work regarding metahuman abilities. He is unmarried, 28 years old, and has been assigned to Project Tenebrous headquarters in Louisiana. Moby has received field training in tactical driving for automobile, tracked vehicles and motorcycles, rotor-wing aircraft and fixed-wing aircraft in standard roles, intelligence applications and support roles as well as in carrier launches and landings.

Character Sheet

Intelligence 4
Strength 2
Agility 1
Speed 2
Durability 2

Health 2
Energy 8

Modifiers and Equipment

Backed By The Government +1
Natural Linguist +3
M9 9mm Pistol (+2)


Black Ops 4

General Spy Skills, Field Training, Surveillance, Intelligence Analysis

Business Skills 1

Intelligence Bonus
Paper Investigation

Technology 2

Intelligence Bonus

Ranged Combat 2

Weapon Modifier

Vehicle Operation 5

Automobile, Airplane, Motorcycle, Helicopter

Social Skills 2

Government Bureaucracy, Languages
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