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Samantha Davis



Born 1975. Mom was minor mutant, had some minor mutant powers throughout childhood, awoke fully around age 10-13. Single mother. Half-brother with new father, 7 years younger. College educated in business and language. PI license with police contacts. Framed and sent to the Castle by a nemesis.

Character Sheet

Intelligence 4
Strength 3
Agility 4
Speed 3
Durability 4

Health 4
Energy 12

Modifiers and Equipment

Reflexive Dodge +2
Mutant (-1)
Iridescent (-1)
Photographic Memory
Wealth (+2)
Languages (+2) Russian and Italian
Nemesis (-1>


Teleportation 8

One red stone per "guest"

Private Investigating 6

Paper investigation, physical investigation, surveillance, follow, photography, disguise

Social Skills 5

Streetwise, Academia, Government Protocol, Persuation, Law Enforcement

Close Combat 5

Improvised Weapon, CIA Training, Aikido, Tae Kwan Do, Knife

Ranged Combat 3

Handgun, Sniper Rifle, Throwing Knife

Business Skills 5

Intelligence Bonus

Thieving 3

Lockpicking, Safecracking, Move Silently

Acrobatics 3

General Knowledge 2

Intelligence bonus
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