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Victoria Gentzler


Victoria Gentzler was born in Oakland, California. She is twenty-nine years old and is currently an employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation although her status with that agency has recently been called into question. Gentzler was a top student in school, a star athlete and if her family hadn't been trapped in an Oakland ghetto, she certainly would have developed the social acumen to catapult herself into the upper eschelons of society, something she always aspired to. She attended the University of California-San Francisco where she majored in sociology and criminology. After a brief stint in law school at the University of Sacramento, she applied to and entered the FBI Academy. There, she did exceptionally well and was assigned to the counterintelligence division.

Her career becomes classified at that point, and compartmentalized beyond the reach of direct analysis. It is clear that she went to the Middle East several times between 1995 and 1999, and spent some time undercover in Amjabar. An internal FBI memorandum notes that in 1997 she disappeared from her work and reappeared at a Moscow safe house, having uncovered an opium ring operated by mutants acting as mercenaries for a Central Asian cartel. Although this was an unauthorized departure from her post, the results were spectacular and she only received a reprimand. After that, she was reassigned within the counterintelligence division and again is put beyond the reach of our analysts. Sometime during this period, Gentzler became involved in the aftermath of a disastrous SHELLSHOCK mission, pushing to use Shelton as a scapegoat for any number of mutant disasters. This did not occur due to protection of the Shellshock program directors by politically connected associates.

She reappears several times in other documents, including a post-9/11 intelligence reorganization task force and obtaining credentials in the Department of Homeland Security. Although difficult to gauge, her career seemed to be taking off.

After last year, however, there is no indication that she is working for the Bureau at all. Even her paychecks have had an "administrative leave" stop placed on them, although there is no administrative order in place. Whether she has become a rogue agent who the FBI wishes to maintain deniability regarding, or whether she is now placed in an alternate FBI channel for black operations is not known.

Intelligence 4
Strength 3
Agility 3
Speed 3
Durability 3

Health 3
Energy 9

Modifiers and Equipment

Attractive +1
Pistol +2 (x2 damage)
Network of Contacts +5
Targetting +2
Reflexive Dodge +2
Hypertechnology Sunglasses (Provides Enhanced Vision +4 - See in Darkness, Infrared, Microscopic, Telescopic. 20 Panels of operation until it must be recharged.)


Nemesis (Shellshock) (1)
Double loyalty (FBI and organized crime) (1)


Ranged Combat 5

Handgun, Sniper Rifles, Automatic Rifles, Thrown Weapons, SMGs
Weapon Bonus

Close Combat 5

Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Knife, Garotte, Tonfa
Weapon Bonus or Agility Bonus

Hunting/Tracking 3

Stalk, Set Up/Spot Ambush, Set Up/Spot Traps

General Knowledge 4

Police Procedure, Bureaucracy, Underworld,

Black Ops/Spying 5

Pursuit, Infiltration/Exfiltration, Interrogation, Escape, Assassination

Social Skills 4

Diplomatic, Organized Crime, High Society, Persuasion

Technology 3

Vehicle Operation 5

Fixed-wing, Helicopter, motorcycle, automobile, tractor trailer

Languages 3

Arabic, Russian, Spanish
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