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Deb Jamka

Known Aliases: Gemstone


Deb Jamka was born in Holcomb, Missouri to Diane and Carlos Jamka on October 9, 1976. Their poor work history and limited employment opportunities caused great disruption in the household and Deb did poorly in school despite being quite intelligent. When her metahuman abilities - strength, invulnerability and speed - appeared in her first week at Holcomb High School, she began to dominate the social dynamic of the school and soon had both students and teachers afraid of her abilities. When a mob of angry students assaulted her in the parking lot after a football game, one was accidentally killed in the melee. Missouri authorities were unsure whether she was responsible due to the chaotic nature of the scene and the unreliable reports of eyewitnesses, but she was expelled from school anyway. At some unknown time between 1994 and 1995, Jamka entered a Supremas cell operating throughout the Midwest and was an effective recruiter, responsible for ten metahuman runaways joining the movement as well as an unknown number of adult metahuman recruitments. Because they were loyal to her, when previous Supremas cell leader Lyle "Mace" Loeschke was killed fighting Justice Force at the Harris 1 Pressurized Water Reactor in North Carolina, she was able to step in and become director of all Supremas operations throughout America. Between 1995 and 1999 she undertook approximately one major terrorist objective per year and managed several minor objectives through sub-cells. Eventually she was uncovered through an investigation which Justice Force has still kept confidential. Agency analysts theorize this is because of the involvement of mutant vigilantes which Justice Force does not wish to be associated with. She entered into a plea bargain to life imprisonment at FCI-Bellewether and has not been cooperative with further investigations.

Castle corrections officers indicate that she is a "compliant" prisoner and unremarkable aside from sudden several accidental injuries in her first few months of incarceration, perhaps due to the sudden removal of her invulnerability. She achieved her G.E.D. in 2001.

Surveillance Photograph taken in Wroclaw, Poland before a suspected Supremas telepathic conference-meeting.

Character Sheet

Intelligence 2
Strength 6
Agility 2
Speed 3
Durability 4

Health 4
Energy 12

Modifiers and Equipment

Toughness +5


Close Combat 4

Strength Bonus or weapon bonus
Improvised Weapons, Brawling, Judo, Kickboxing

Acrobatics 2

Leadership 4

Ranged Combat 3

Handgun, Rifle, Thrown Object

Black Ops 3

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