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Tristin Russell



Russell was born in 1985 in Portland, Oregon. Her parents were permissive but nosy. Her mutant abilities arose at age 12 and her parents were accepting of her mutanthood, but rather too enthusiastically, participating in mutant rights activities, PTA meetings, and publicizing her mutanthood. As a result of community pressure, she ran away from home at age 16. During this time period it is theorized that she "house-sat" by breaking into and living in vacant homes while owners were away on vacations.

When her travels took her to Virginia, her activities became known to the police, a local militant arm of Humanity's Protectors took an interest in her as well, indicating potential collusion with Virginia State Police. She was in fact arrested while fleeing from Humanity's Protectors' thugs. She was convicted of multiple counts of burglary and flight to avoid arrest and sentenced to five years in FCI-Bellewether at age 18. Her parents still regularly visit her there, a security concern.

Character Sheet

Intelligence 3
Strength 2
Agility 4
Speed 4
Durability 5

Health 5
Energy 15

Modifiers and Equipment

Mutant (-1)
Parents Who Care (-1)
Archnemesis: Anti-mutant activists (-1)
Reflexive Dodge +2


Phase Shift 6

Limitation: Cannot take others without strain (-1)

Healing 6

Thieving 4

Blend In, Hiding, Move Silently, Burglary, Agility Bonus

Vehicle Ops 2

Car, Motorcycle

Close Combat 3

Kickboxing, Knife, Judo/Kenpo

Ranged Combat 6

Handgun, Throwing Knife, Crossbow, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Improvised Objects

Social Skills 3

Con Artist, Streetwise, Negotiate

Gambling 1


Acrobatics 3

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