Naidoff Cofetari


Cofetari is a home-grown Kalasvanian criminal. In and out of prison during both the Soviet era and afterwards, he has mellowed somewhat in his involvement with Kalasvanian Mafia activities in his old age and now prefers to operate through underlings. He currently is the "boss" of the small town of Targu Ocna, which he uses as a transshipment point for narcotics and weapons. He was used as an information source by TENEBROUS operatives. He was also at the time under the surveillance of Interpol agents Tancred and Azilul.

Current status: Under continued investigation by Interpol, but no indictments have been brought. Continues to live and operate in Targu Ocna.

Intelligence 3
Strength 2
Agility 2
Speed 2
Durability 2

Health 2
Energy 6

Modifiers and Equipment

Toughness +1 AK-47 +3 (x2, collateral)


Close Combat 2

Ranged Combat 3

Social Skills 2

Underworld, Local

Leadership 4

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