Dr. Brandon Carballo


Carballo, a Spanish national, is a brilliant geneticist and medical doctor who specializes in the study of mutant abilities and the genetic effects of the collapse of the Net. He was born in Palma de Mallorca to a wealthy family, and although he attended public school, also received the best private tutoring. He graduated in the middle of his medical school class due to being more interested in research than in practice. After a residency in America, he returned to Europe and took a job with the Spanish Ministry of Health. There he served in a sub-Cabinet committee regarding metahuman affairs.

He is currently a senior researcher for the World Health Organization's Human Genetics Programme (HGN).

Brandon Carballo is married to Martita Carballo, a nursing school student who dropped out when she married him. He has two children, Pablo (11) and Tita (6).

His last known work was at the Institute of Molecular Genetics at Prague. After being backed by a grant from Humanity's Protectors, he took the first steps towards the creation of a biological agent which would preferentially target mutants. This work was interrupted when he was kidnapped by Bryngali agents. He was then acquired by TENEBROUS operatives. BACKLIGHT operatives obtained his family and they are currently living in the United States under protective surveillance.

Character Sheet

Intelligence 4
Strength 1
Agility 1
Speed 1
Durability 2

Health 2
Energy 8

Modifiers and Equipment


Technology 3

Intelligence Bonus
Computers, Medical Equipment, Implants

Science 5

Biology, Metahuman Studies, Physics, Genetics

Social Skills 2

Bureaucracy, Medical
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