Elena Azilul


Elena Azilul is an Interpol investigator specializing in Eastern European crime syndicates, including the Kalavanian Mafia, the Russian Organitsaya and the Polish Kieuciewicz family. She was born in Kalasvania and went to college in West Germany on a gymnastics scholarship before joining Interpol first as an analyst, then as a field inspector. A talented surveillance officer, she and her partner Constantinescu Tancred have successfully prosecuted seven major drug and weapons smugglers in the last six years and their information has led to the seizure of over seven million dollars in illegal drugs and weapons.

In November 2003, Inspectors Azilul and Tancred were surveilling KM local lieutenant Naidoff Cofetari when TENEBROUS Operation ADJECTIVE NOUN was in the area. Their photographs of Shellshock are the most significant internationally, although they also obtained documentation of Conduit and Haze meeting with Cofetari before the attack on the abandoned Soviet-era base. They currently do not believe there is a connection between the casual meeting and the attack on the base.

Current status: Azilul remains assigned to narcotics interdiction and investigation. She lives in Belgrade and is unmarried.

Intelligence 3
Strength 3
Agility 3
Speed 3
Durability 3

Health 3
Energy 9

Modifiers and Equipment

Mental Defense +1
Backed By The Government +1
9mm Pistol (+2)


Ranged Combat 3

Weapon Bonus

Social Skills 3

Close Combat 3

Detective 4

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