Olesya Alanov


Alanov, a Russian military officer who was thrown out of Spetsialnoje Nazachenie (Spetznaz) after his mutancy was discovered. He has been linked to several mutant mercenary activities. He was most recently active in Kalasvania where he and several associates assisted SRU officer Andrei Kypren in obtaining access to an unknown piece of technology in a Soviet-era bunker.

Current status: Whereabouts and activities unknown.

Intelligence 3
Strength 3
Agility 3
Speed 3
Durability 3

Health 3
Energy 9

Modifiers and Equipment

Toughness +2
Reflexive Dodge +2
Targetting +2
Assault Rifle (+3, x2)


Social Skills 3

Close Combat 4

Strength or Weapon Bonus

Ranged Combat 4

Weapon Bonus

Technology 2

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