Andrei Kypren, a Russian foreign intelligence agent was photographed several times in Madrid meeting with Kalasvanian Mafia crimeboss Iosef Bran throughout the months of September and October. After Kypren returned to Russia, approval was given for TENEBROUS to disrupt any dealings between Kypren (or Russia, if his activities were officially authorized). Action had to be taken quickly since Kypren left Novogorod by plane on November 3 and arrived in Kalasvania shortly thereafter. After HAZE teleported the team to Brunsum Air Force Base, they were transshipped by cargo plane to a vehicle drop in the Fayras Mountains, near the town of Targu Ocna, a rural sheepherding town.

After making contact with local criminal elements to determine the situation, TENEBROUS operatives infiltrated the airstrip outside of town. Historical intelligence about this facility is limited. Information gathered at the site indicated that it was operational in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and was primarily concerned with training a nonlinear programming language and set of procedures to high-aptitude civilian workers for the Soviet Army.

Kypren was providing a considerable amount of money to the Kalasvanian Mafia, which was transacted separately. In return, KM would provide access to the site and a degree of cover with local authorities.

TENEBROUS interrupted Kypren's access to the site. He was using a young man named Serik Madyar, a Kazach national, to access a machine that has been well-described by TENEBROUS operatives but whose purpose is unknown. This computing device must be what the training conducted at the facility was intended to target.

Madyar told TENEBROUS that the computer was "God" and that it had answered questions for Kypren. They were unable to determine what those questions or answers had been. Madyar was returned to his parents in Kazachstan, whose government was revealed to have done extensive testing of young persons for emerging mutant abilities. Access to this database would be of great worth to any intelligence service. Action has been proposed at State and Defense for this access.

One final suggestion - historical intelligence conjectures that deceased mutant Russian scientist Talagat Khabarovsk visited the facility several times. If Khabarovsk is responsible for the construction of the device, it would be a tremendous boon for whatever faction acquired it, even in its damaged and isolated (to mundane means of recovery) state. It also explains how Kypren would know how to access it and its purpose - Russia would have documentation on the device.

Prepared by: ISHMAEL
Dated: 8 NOV 03


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