Justice Force

Justice Force is the dramatically-named anti-metahuman power-armor-wearing police force fielded by the Department of Justice in 1965 in response to most local police force's inability to deal with mutant crime. The public has seized on them as a symbol of "doing something about" the "mutant question" with the result that they are highly visible, beloved in the media, and the main outlet for mainstream political anti-mutant rhetoric. Justice Force members are typically recruited from the FBI's assault specialist divison, police department SWAT teams and the military. Institutional prejudice against metahumans is so pervasive that there is a fair degree of suspicion of Justice Force by law enforcement watchdog groups, even if their concerns get little to no media attention.

The power armor worn by Justice Force makes them more than a match for many metahumans, and there are a wide variety of power armor applications used by the team - assault, stealth, speed, and so on. In addition, Justice Force possesses "drainer tanks", armored assault vehicles capable of projecting a drainer field. When several of these tanks are deployed, the field projected can be very powerful indeed.

Justice Force is organized by the Critical Incident Response Group at the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the Tactical Support Branch.

Justice Force Files

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