New Actions, Modifiers and Specialties

Action: Science

Science replaces the scientific knowledge portion of the General Knowledge action. Specialties must be declared, and there is significant penalties to using this Action without the appropriate specialty.

Action: Detective

Specialties: Paper Investigation, Physical Investigation, Interrogation, Surveillance, Follow

Detectives are not all P.I.s or police officers, but they're all skilled at solving mysteries through the application of research, investigation and organization.

Action: Suppress Mutant Powers

Cost: Action Number + 7 levels.

This is identical to the description of the Modifier in the X-Men sourcebook, except that it is an Action which must overcome the Action value of the powers in question. Every stone placed in Suppress Mutant Powers adds one stone of Resistance to the use of all mutant powers in the affected area, and also reduce Attributes and Modifiers that are superhuman to human levels. (Modifiers which are completely superhuman can only be reduced by the strength of the drainer field.)

If you are using a mutant power that lets you sense or affect things far away, the Resistance of a Suppression action applies even if you are yourself not in the area of effect, but your target is. So for example, picking up a drainer tank which is surrounded by a drainer field is just as hard for a telekinetic outside the field as it is for someone super-strong inside the field. And if you want to make it harder for someone to use clarivoyance on you (or get away with something without a postcognitive person being able to observe it after the fact), head for the nearest drainer field.

Typical Drainers:

Police Station Drainer: Suppress Mutant Powers 4

Drainer Tank: Suppress Mutant Powers 4 (can overlap)

Castle Drainer: Suppress Mutant Powers 6 (sometimes overlapped).

Note that by "drainer tank" I mean "rolling armored thing with a drainer on it instead of a cannon." Also note that technological drainers which possess this Action are all area-effect projectors. A targetted, non-area effect costs the same but cannot be achieved with current technology, only with mad science or mutant powers.

Action: Languages

Allows the character to speak more languages. The cost is standard. Every rank in Languages allows the character to speak another language.

Specialty: Physical Investigation

This Specialty may be taken as part of the Spying, Hunting/Tracking, or Detective Action. It covers searching a scene for forensic evidence or clues to deduce what has happened there, as well as searching rooms and buildings.

Specialty: Paper Investigation

This Specialty may be taken as part of the Business Skills, Computer, Detective, or Spying Action. It covers searching for hidden paper trails and helpful computer records.

Modifier: Shadowy Background

For whatever reason - loyalty of contacts, convenient misfiling, good luck, or fear of retribution, your background and activities are extremely hard to investigate. Any attempt to investigate you suffers a Resistance equal to this Modifier (but no change in Difficulty.) This used to be called 'network of contacts'.

Modifier: Backed by the Government

You can call upon government resources legitimately. This can include money, equipment, backing or sanction. The government may reduce this modifier if you embarass them or misuse the resources you're given. In addition, unlike personal Wealth or Equipment, the government is well aware of what assistance you've been given.

Modifier: Natural Linguist

Unlike the 'extra languages' modifier, the Natural Linguist is able to partly translate any language they're exposed to for an extended amount of time. The Modifier adds free bonus stones against the Resistance of any Action due to it being attempted in another language.
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