Movement Rules Clarification

The simple general rule:

Stones of effort, capped by Agility if you also use Close Combat that Panel, capped by Speed if you do not, reflect the amount of distance you are able to put between yourself and the other person(s) you are dealing with.

The even-shorter version:

If you are using Close Combat or another Action that requires you to stay in a particular area in a panel, you can only use Agility to move around. If you are not, you can use Speed.

Movement Rules Examples

Shadowfox vs. the Riddler. Shadowfox has an Agility of 5 for the purposes of this example, the Riddler has Agility 2, and an electrified question-mark cane that gives him a +2 weapon modifier.

Shadowfox puts five stones in her Close Combat, shifts two to Defense, and puts 3 stones in her Agility to reflect getting away after her attack.

The Riddler puts 3 stones in his Close Combat and moves 2 into Defense. He then takes the +2 Modifier from his electricity-cane out of the General Pool into his Close Combat.

Resolving in order of Agility, Shadowfox hits for one stone of damage (3 in her Close Combat v. 2 in Riddler's Defense), and puts 3 stones of distance between her and the Riddler.

Riddler normally would hit (3 in his Close Combat v. 2 in Shadowfox's Defense), but because Shadowfox has 3 stones in Agility to get away from him, he can't.

Furthermore, even if he had thought to put 2 stones in his Agility (the most he could), she'd STILL be able to get away from him because she's better at it and she put a lot of effort into it.

Shadowfox vs. Johnny Viti. Shadowfox: Agility 5, Johnny: Agility 2.

Shadowfox: 5 stones in Close Combat, 2 moved to Defense, and 3 stones in her Agility.

Johnny ("screw this shit" BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA): 3 stones in his Ranged Combat, 2 into Defense, +2 to Ranged Combat from his machine gun.

Shadowfox hits for one stone of Damage (3 Close Combat v. 2 Defense).

Johnny hits (3 Ranged Combat v. 2 Defense) for 2 damage (his machine gun has x2 damage).

Note that Shadowfox might be able to get more Defense from Situational Modifiers if she could take cover within 3 stones of distance, like diving behind a dumpster or his mother Carla. If Johnny wanted to make sure she didn't get that Situational Modifier, he would have to chase her, but his Agility isn't high enough on its own, so unless he's ambushed her in a place where she has to work really hard to get under cover, it's "tough luck, Johnny."

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