We will be adopting a rule similar to Feng Shui's admonition that "if the player wants there to be something nearby, and there's no reason for it not to be nearby, it is nearby." However, you don't get to improvise ALL the time in this rule. Here's the rules:
  1. You can improvise anytime your Panel is adjudicated. That is, when it comes to be your turn, you can say, "I dive behind the forklift" or "I grab the fire hose and turn it on" even if there is no forklift or fire hose previously described.
  2. If you improvise something which gives you a Situational Modifier, everyone who has not yet had their panels adjudicated can re-allocate their stones.
  3. You cannot receive a Situational Modifier against any character whose actions have already been adjudicated during that Panel. (Any ongoing Modifier takes effect on the following Panel.)
This basically allows you to trade off the added benefit of your improvisation for the advantage of hiding what your action is going to be. However, those who are faster than you on the Page can't be affected by your improvisation until next time. (Nor can your Defense be altered by your improvisation until after they've taken any action against you they want.)
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