Example of Play

Here is the sheet for Dirk Manly, Private Eye.

(The General Pool is separated out because that's the name for the tub of extra stones the GM has.)

Dirk wants to shoot Evil McBadguy in the face. He has a Ranged Combat of 4, meaning that the maximum number of stones he can put into his Ranged Combat is 4. He decides to put 4 stones in.


Dirk doesn't want to be hurt by Evil McBadguy's raygun, so he moves a stone from Ranged Combat into Defense.


Ranged Combat has a Weapon Bonus that's always added. In this case it's Dirk's Gun. So two stones are added from the General Pool into the Ranged Combat Action. And Dirk has the Toughness Modifier, which helps his Defense, so one stone is added from the General Pool into his Defense.

Shwoop! Shwoop!

When he's done allocating stones, Dirk has a total Ranged Combat attack of 5 stones. He has a total Defense of 2 stones.

After the GM adjudicates the Page, Dirk clears off the stones in his Defense and Actions, and regenerates his Health in red stones into his Energy Pool. Since Dirk wasn't hurt, that's three stones.

And that's what Dirk's sheet looks like at the beginning of the next Page!

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