Character Creation Guidelines for Project TENEBROUS.

Characters will be built on the 40-stone scale. All characters will have the one-stone Challenge: "Mutant".

There are three types of characters which I am anticipating for this game. It is important to note that for each of these types there is a "Carrot" and "Stick" which must be designed.

  1. The Criminal. Someone who self-identifies as a criminal or a thief. They commit crimes to make their living. They are approached by the CIA and offered new identities, payment, an eventual pardon, and the force of the Agency to keep the authorities from being too much of a hassle, in return for their service (Carrot.) They also are threatened with various measures should they revolt against the Agency, including re-incarceration, targetting of their families and/or friends and associates, etc. (Stick.)
  2. The Naif. Someone who committed a minor crime, but because of their mutant powers, was placed at the Castle. Again, the CIA offers them the opportunity to eventually get their lives back (the carrot) and threatens the destruction of that life should they revolt (the stick.)
  3. The Volunteer. Someone with mutant abilities and some connection to the military, the police, or the government, who has a particular shady goal or nasty enemy that they want to defeat, offered the opportunity to go after that goal or enemy if they cooperate with the Agency (carrot), and something that the Agency can threaten if they revolt (stick).
If you want to come up with a character type that's not on this list, by all means please do, but make sure you maintain the theme of Carrot and Stick: the promises and threats the Agency is using to get you to do what they want you to do.



Equipment and gadgetry bought with character stones are yours, and can be recovered after you are released from the Castle. Other equipment will be provided to you by the Agency, so you don't have to spend any stones on, say, pistols, silencers, rifles, cars, whatever, so long as you don't mind it coming and going with the mission requirements.

Contacts are free and can be invented freely to fit with your background, but all Contacts are traceable and vary in usefulness and willingness to help unless you purchase the Network of Contacts Modifier. (See House Rules.)

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