The Castle

The Bellewether Federal Correctional Institute

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The sickly green glow of the drainer fields is ever-present in FCI-Bellewether, called "The Castle" by its occupants because of it's blocky, fortress-like construction. It is a modern facility with multiple backup systems in the event of an escape attempt. It is also sometimes referred to as "The Emerald City" by law enforcement, with the result that the Warden is sometimes called "The Wizard" by both inmates and guards.

Nevertheless within the walls a conflict is constantly played out between Familia Torres, the premiere North American metahuman crime family, and Warden Martin Byrnes, a federal appointee who attempts to keep the most powerful criminals on earth from plaguing society again.

Lost in the middle between the paranoid guards and the cruel professional criminals are mutant prisoners convicted of minor crimes who serve their sentence in the Castle for security reasons. If someone super-strong commits a DUI, they go to serve their sentence at the Castle. The bureaucratic nightmare this creates is enormous, and the result is to cause even minor mutant criminals, or those charged with almost strictly political crimes, to end up in the same prisoner mixture as the true sociopaths.
FCI-Bellewether is located near the Texas-Louisiana border, outside Beaumont.

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