Uscano Squad

Technically, "Squad 16784", Uscano Squad consisted of six cousins of uncertain planetary origin, whose main job in the Rebellion consisted of roaming around in a speeder with a gun welded to the top, yelling, drinking, spilling drinks, and then yelling about spilling their drinks.

Fine gentlemen all, they are currently part of the New Republic Army.

The Uscano Squad's Speeder

Obtained from the Dynba Cartel's mercenaries during the Solem Uprising, the light speeder that would become their signature vehicle was simply a repurposed civilian cargo speeder with two rows of seats and a cargo bed. It had two engine pods and a light repeating blaster welded to the top roll bar. It was otherwise identical to a thousand other models of civilian cargo speeders used around the galaxy.

Speeder Truck With Gun Welded To Roof

Large ground vehicle (speeder)
Init: +7; Senses: Perception +4
Defense: Ref 14 (flat-footed 10), Fort 14, +1 armor
hp 70; DR 5; Threshold 19
Speed: 10 squares
Fighting Space: 2x2; Cover +5
Base Attack: +2; Grp: +15
Abilities: Str 20; Dex 16; Con -; Int 10
Skills: Initiative +5; Mechanics +5; Perception +4; Pilot +5
Crew: 1; Gunners: 1; Passengers: 6 in seats, 15 in cargo bed
Availability: Speeder licensed, gun illegal