Tasia Snowen

Tasia Snowen, a human, volunteered to join the Rebel Alliance at the age of nineteen. Her upbringing on the icy world of Daydosha made her self-reliant and confident. She was primarily raised by her mother Mei-Lin Snowen, after her father entered a life of monasticism on the moon of Daydosha. (A brief examination of the Snowen family in general reveals their ancillary but undeniably crucial influence over the current situation.)

She was recruited indirectly by a standard low-level Alliance expedition, followed up by direct - if improper - recruitment by Tyric Cole, though they were separated by his infiltration assignment inside the Imperial Navy. Their romantic involvement cannot at the current time be fully documented.

After basic training, Snowen was assigned to Squad 16782, Theta Group, of Alliance Infantry forces. On her first assignment, she suffered a major, catastrophic wound to her face and eye. Although her face was reconstructed successfully with bacta treatments, her eye had to be replaced with a cybernetic version.

Following approximately a year of frontline action, Snowen was admitted into mechanized infantry training and assigned to Mechanized Infantry Squad Gamma.

After distinguishing herself in battles throughout the Galaxy, she was admitted into Special Forces Unit Effortless.

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