Imperial Star Destroyer Talon

Known by her crew as a "cursed ship" after after the haunted, maniacal Captain Hades Sabbani took command in the shakeup following Vader's reorganization-by-strangulation of the command rules of the Imperial Army.

Sabbani, a man who very nearly worshipped Vader and his style of leadership, had two cybernetic limbs after he was injured in a bomb set off by White Guard partisans at the Imperial Academy.

Instead of pursuing the Rebel Fleet directly, he instead maneuvered the Talon away from major battles and targetted Alliance infrastructure. He was brutal in his use torture to obtain information and devastating assaults on civilian populations to dissuade support of the Alliance. He ignored nine surrender proclamations.

The Talon was present, nonetheless, at the battle of Endor, and, damaged, escaped in the confusion.

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