Hark - the alarum call - war-clouds a-thundering,
Foemen in wood and vale, through the towns plundering,
Then will the brave and true, to standard rallying,
Fight for their land and laws, rushing and sallying.

When cannons are roaring and bullets are flying
He that would honor win must not fear dying.

--- When Cannons Are Roaring ---

The Solem Uprising

Imperial political thought regarding the Alliance prior to the Battle of Yavin was divided between those who believed the Rebellion too pitiful to provoke any serious concern, and those who considered its influence too significant to ignore. The short-lived and tentative exultation over the genocide at Alderaan gave way to a unified, shocked demand for retribution after the defeat at Yavin.

Governor Malvander Bren of the planet of Solem was one Imperial leader who took advantage of this shift in political winds to obtain support for a scorched-earth crackdown on rebel elements on his isolated world. He even obtained sufficient monies to secure the services of infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett, and assigned him to capture Yolan Bren, rebel, poet and brother of the Governor.

The brutal tactics employed by Malvander's mercenaries may have resulted in as many as ten civilian deaths for every genuine Rebellion sympathizer executed, let alone those who were actively asssisting the Alliance, so it was no surprise that as commerce, poltiics and normal life ground to a halt beneath the boots of Malvander's army, a general uprising began and top Solemite citizens appealed to the Alliance for assistance.

The Alliance Intelligence Service believed Solem could be an effective ally. Imperial forces were not directly involved in the insurrection and while the supporters of Palpatine could back a technological terror like the Death Star, direct mass extermination of the sort pursued by the Governor was considered gauche. Besides, Solemites were green-skinned aliens, an evolutionary offshoot of Rodians from millions of years previous, and the racism at the heart of the Empire would prevent direct assistance from being provided to the native-born governor.

Alliance High Command approved a team of Army regulars to assist in the uprising under the command of Yolan Bren and his allies. Among them were Squad 16782 and Uscano Squad, assigned to 'Squad 1' as part of 16782's backup.

While there, Squad 16782 participated in urban operations, including underground fighting against Hunter-Killer droids and then against the mercenaries hired by Bren at a communications outpost. They eventually played a key role in shutting down the defenses of the governor's palace and directly captured him as he tried to flee. Fett, who had successfully captured Yolan Bren and killed many Solemite irregulars and Alliance troops, released him when Malvander Bren could not pay his fee.

Solem became a strong supporter of the Alliance, providing troops and materiel, marginalizing Imperial political agents in the system. Governor Bren was exiled and disappeared. Today Solem is a member of the New Republic and its Senator sits on this very committee. As Yolan Bren wrote:

"The arrow's shaft, the musket's ball,
The sabre's thirsting edge,
The hot shell, shattering in its fall,
The bayonet's rending wedge,
Here scattered death; yet, seek the spot,
No trace thine eye can see,
No altar - and they need it not,
Who leave their children free!"

Other persons involved in the uprising include:

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Questions from the Committee

Q: What was the role of the Alliance Navy in securing Solem long-term?
A: On a long-term basis, the role of the Alliance was minimal in general, naval, ground and political aspects tried to keep out of Solemite affairs to avoid more direct Imperial involvement. However, the Navy was key in suppressing the skimfighters which were used by Malvander Bren as scorched-earth assault vehicles. Remember that post-Death Star Imperial doctrine was to use naval force as a terror weapon against civilian populations. The Solem Uprising provided valuable experience to Naval pilots and strategists for how to handle this situation.

Q: Was Uscano Squad really drunk in battle?
A: It seems unlikely, but no blood or urine tests were performed.

Q: Who were the mercenaries defeated at Solem?
A: The vile Dynba Cartel, who had been forced out of the drug smuggling trade by Jabba the Hutt, turned to becoming hired guns for whatever tyrant or madman could pay. Over a thousand Dynba Cartel mercenaries were caught in the capital city of Solem alone.