"I took a stick out of the hedge and struck her to the ground
And soon the blood of innocence come raining from the wound
She on her bended knees did fall and loud for mercy cried
Saying, "Johnny dear don't murder me but think of our poor child."

I took her by her yellow locks and dragged her through the glen
Until I came to a river's side and there I threw her in
Now with the blood of innocence my hands and clothes were dyed
Instead of being a breathless corpse she might have been my bride.

--- The Cruel Miller ---

The Battle of Skorrupon

A resort world, Skorrupon had avoided direct Imperial control by an early decision of its corporate managers to capitulate completely to Imperial wishes. Like the Corporate Sector, Skorrupon paid a steady stream of credits to Imperial coffers in return for retaining nominal control of its own affairs.

Unfortunately, High Inquisitor Volytar, a top aide within Imperial Intelligence and Force user had a retreat on Skorrupon and was enraged to discover Rebels had secretly taken refuge on the planet. After a massacre of the ruling committee of the planet, Volytar demanded and received military forces to subjugate the planet and root out the rebels.

There were, in fact, not very many members of the Alliance on the world at all. Although records are scanty, it appears that the only thing the resort world had been used for was as a low-security transshipment and temporary shelter for agents en route to other destinations. The lack of significant indigenous population would have made a permanent Alliance cell useless.

Thus, the bloody and one-sided conflict between Skorrupon security forces, the private entourages of several foreign princes who also had havens on Skorrupon, and the Imperial military was brief. But it is not Volytar, his bruised ego, the negligible Rebel presence or even the battle itself that is most relevant for our purposes.

The Battle of Skorrupon was the first time that Kylindra Fimbros teamed up with Syl Dukett, then a Captain in the Imperial Marines. It also was the first time that Imperial Intelligence capacity was added to the conspiracy that we know today, through the investigations of Master Skywalker's Jedi Order to be called the Tarkinites. This was a crucial turning point for them, and in turn for the Galaxy.

It has never been proven that High Inquisitor Volytar had taken an apprentice against the wishes of the Emperor. If there was such an apprentice, they were not killed in the attack.

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