Olen Quinn

Like so many, Olen Quinn joined the Alliance after the destruction of his home planet of Alderaan, where he lost his parents and many others dear to him in the senseless destruction wrought by the first Death Star.

Before he came to the Alliance, he was an art student at one of Alderaan's many conservatories. His work in holographic and mechanical dynamic art was well-regarded for his age and experience by those knowledgeable in the field, but virtually all of it was lost along with his family and the planet. Rumors regarding a 'lost masterpiece' by Quinn, prepared postbellum, cannot be confirmed at this time.

He was highly problematic in basic training, seemingly hopeless with weaponry and the whole notion of soldiering. In the field, however, he proved a capable infantryman and technician. He was initially assigned to Squad 16782.

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