Nar Shadaa - Points of Interest

The Singing Tunnel is an architectural wonder that few cities, even cities more intentionally designed and culturally significant than Nar Shadaa, can match. In the days when Nar Shadaa was a company town, slowly sliding into the depravity that characterizes it today, an ambitious reformer corporate official ordered that a street be conducted with acoustic properties that would be ideal for a series of theaters specializing in musical performances. These theaters today are all sleazy dives and filthy clubs, but remain legendary among musical artists and performers. Many entertainment celebrities got their start with a gig in the Singing Tunnel. Jabba the Hutt preferred "exotic" dancing clubs, but the credits that flowed from the Tunnel clubs was sufficient to keep him from changing the focus from the soul to the flesh.

The Deep Sea Dark was a club with a nautical theme, which is frankly ridiculous since Nar Shadaa has never had an ocean, or even a sizable lake, and all water has to be skimmed and purified from the gas giant below. It was owned and operated by "Ol' Captain" Fizhjake, a Sullust gentleman of age and propriety who had turned to privateering as a young man and didn't exactly stop when his letter of marque expired. He knew he was onto something good when, under the cover of a blatantly false identity, Rivoche Tarkin, came to sing sad and slow Alderaanian songs at his club. He was bankrupted by the repairs the White Guard's attack necessitated, but as he had been bankrupted at least eight times in his life by his count, he was not too concerned. The club remains open.

The Unfashionably Inn was a tiny hostel run by former Republic Navy officer Miletta Karriger, who operated the hostel as a safe house for Alliance officers and soldiers, either passing through on leave, meeting people outside the reach of the Empire, or hiding them out for a time. I could not locate the Inn when I was searching for it despite following New Republic instructions to the letter.

Silver Sky Curios, an ancient curio shop that has changed hands several times without careful inventory (and which incidentally possesses an equally ridiculous name as the Deep Sea Dark, the proof is left as an exercise for the reader), was owned and operated by a Bith woman named Ballasya when Jessamine Corel first visited. Ballasya had lost control of the business when I came by later and the new owner knew nothing of use.

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