"Do you recall when we parted,
The stories to me you revealed?
You said you could live without love, dear,
In your loveless mansion on the hill.

The light shines bright from your window.
The trees stand so silent and still.
I know you're alone with your pride, dear,
In your loveless mansion on the hill."

---- Mansion On The Hill ----

Imperial Exploration of the Massassi Temple

During the time the Rebellion had occupied the Massassi Temple, little exploration took place, particularly after unsettling occurrences and a few disappearances led to a revamp of security at the headquarters. It is not known why Darth Vader demanded Imperial Intelligence scan the temple for the lost treasures he believed were buried there.

Trooper 782-H, Specialist Ravell, Specialist Adaron and Private Rodu escorted Junior Agent Kylinda Fimbros into the temple along with five other sensor specialists. From what we have been able to determine, traps killed five specialists, Ravell was killed by 782-H at the behest of Lord Vader after she panicked and said she was headed for the surface, and Fimbros killed 782-H after ending the communication.

We suspect but could never prove that Han Solo and his copilot Chewbacca looted the temple's treasure chamber.

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