"Let's take a ride to the seaside
We can go out swimmin' in the high tide
Just wear your shorts and your long hair
Don't forget the lawn chair.
Everybody's gone to the movie
Everybody's gone and it's groovy
They went to the one about the big war.
I didn't - I'd seen it before."

--- One Big Love ---

Leave on Nar Shadaa

It may seem unusual to spend time describing the events that occurred on Nar Shadaa at this point, since Squad 16782 was not even on a mission, but instead was on leave. Although leave was a mandated part of all Alliance military units, it was only actually given but rarely. For one thing, money was short. For another, Alliance soldiery were, in summary, fugitives. Finally, they couldn't normally be spared.

However, a confluence of several events led to Squad 16782, along with several dozen other Alliance infantry units, receiving leave at approximately this time. Most importantly, the Alliance simply couldn't risk having its ground forces hanging around ships and garrisons during the time when it was attempting one of the largest and most complicated Fleet movements since the beginning of armed conflict: the evacuation of Yavin. Feints in two directions had to be coordinated, and under the noses of Imperial probes and pursued by Imperial cruisers, the whole of Alliance High Command had to be evacuated - with no destination yet identified. If the Alliance was going to lose everything it risked, it would at least keep something back to play another hand.

More prosaically, Squad 16782, along with the other Alliance advisors who had fought in the Solem Uprising had received a sizeable monetary bonus from the Iklor Holding Company's president and business manager, Tarya Iklor, which she insisted they spend on "girls and liquor and other improving substances."

Not all Alliance leave was created equal. Some were taken to peaceful rural farming planets where not much was happening. Others were confined to lavish but isolated vacation homes of Alliance-friendly nobles-in-exile. Squad 16782, and several others, were able to visit the smuggler's moon of Nar Shadaa, where anything could be obtained for a price.

They had a few days to kill and a modest sum of credits to spend, and had arrived on the planet during one of its most peaceful times in decades, as the crime syndicates that had battled for control of the lawless moon had been systematically murdered over the previous fifteen years by Jabba the Hutt, as part of his seemingly unstoppable takeover of the underworld of the Outer Rim. Under a single proprietor, Nar Shadaa attracted thrillseeking tourists, desperate and talented refugees, and a moderate level of corruption kept the credits flowing into Jabba's pocketbook, and his enforcers made the casual visitor safer than they had ever been. Not, however, that this set the bar very high. Overt violence against those minding their own business was discouraged, even though personal vendettas were carried out with the enthusiasm of the truly deranged.

While on leave, Squad 16782 ran across COMPNOR-History Director-General Miett Kharayf, apparently on a mission to obtain an ancient artifact that had languished in the Silver Sky Curio Shop for decades. They also encountered Rivoche Tarkin, singing Alderaanian songs in an isolated dive, where she was attacked by members of the White Guard of Kelshamir.

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What is the Sosef Triptych Holocron?

Information regarding the SOSEF TRIPTYCH HOLOCRON is not currently available.

Don't you think it's important to our current situation? Vital?

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What are the odds that there would be two persons sensitive to the Force in the same unit?

Normal laws of probability have been shown to conclusively not apply to Force sensitive persons. So I do not know the answer. There is no answer.

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