Myett Kharayf
COMPNOR-History Director-General

Much has been written and said about the COMmittee for the Preservation of the New ORder, or "COMPNOR", in the ascetic and dessicated world of acronyms. Few joined this organization out of ideological devotion. Most were playground bullies who never grew up, bootlickers and toadies who gravitated towards power and had no useful skills that could be put to use against the Alliance in the military. Cowardice was their only motivation and fear their only tool.

Along with military washouts, worthless heirs of families loyal to Palpatine, and the insane, these lickspittles made COMPNOR eminently fit for attacks on the unarmed, the brutalization of the defenseless, abuse of children, and massacres of those who had their backs turned. It also made them fit for nothing else.

However, there were those few persons of quality in the organization that made it just dangerous enough to be concerned about, and one is my old rival and enemy to all reputable historians, Director-General Myett Kharayf. It was he that came to Nar Shadaa with his thugs in search of the very artifact now connected inextricably to the fate of Jessamine Corel.

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