Colvin Kall

Commander, Alliance Special Forces

The commanding officer of SpecForce Group Effortless, Kall was a defector from the Imperial Navy who left when his wife Leera, a New Order bureaucrat, was accurately accused of being insufficiently supportive of Palpatine's Imperial ambitions and imprisoned. Although the Senator of Kall's homeworld of Corellia attempted to have Leera freed, before that could be done, she was moved to an "offworld site" and disappeared, seemingly forever. At any rate, Commander Kall never saw her again.

Kall distinguished himself in early Alliance fleet operations and organized several crucial logistical operations with privateers and raids on Imperial installations. He was a natural fit for a Special Forces command position and was one of the first General Cracken selected.

The investigation of Commander Kall's death during the final mission of the Liberation Day IV is currently underway. The current official conclusion of Coruscant Security Forces is that he was assassinated by a bomb placed by Imperial partisans in retaliation for his activities during the war. It is a tentative conclusion, for our purposes.

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