Jessamine Corel

It would be pointless for me to describe to this committee the many exciting adventures, dramatic last stands, hairs-breadth escapes and lavish treasures experienced, made, conducted, and obtained by the Corel family in their daring fight for the establishment of a Galactic Republic and the founding of Corellia, the trade center of the Galaxy, the pulsing heart at the core of all its highways and byways. Suffice to say that Jessamine Corel, for all her studiousness and grace, had privateering in her blood and liberty etched in her very soul.

Of course the grand paradox of Corellian development and its headlong capitalism was that the family that founded it could not forever keep its head above financial waters. By the time of Jessamine's grandfather, the Corel family was one of many noble families of only moderate means, primarily due to their continued campaign against the slavery-based economy pushed by the Trade Federation. When Jessamine's father spoke out against Palpatine's rise to power, it was no great effort for Palpatine's supporters to ruin the family once and presumably for all. They were reduced to renting out the family's resort properties and mansions to other, more prosperous persons, and retiring to a more modest sort of living.

Jessamine was encouraged by her parents to pursue her academic gifts as well as her interest in history. She came to the Galactic University to study this field, one of the last students whose attendance was sponsored by Senator Garm Bel Iblis before his attempted assassination by Palpatine's minions and subsequent organization of the Corellian Resistance that would form one-third of the original Alliance to Restore the Republic.

At first, her studies were rather innocuous. However, when she and other students and professors organized a protest against the indoctrination methods of the Committee for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), many professors and worse, historical materials that were irreplaceable started to disappear. Soon it wasn't just dissidents that were being erased, it was anything that might be used even as a historical example against Palpatine. As the university increasingly closed its doors to academic pursuits, Jessamine turned to the Alliance to restore the liberty of thought that was the lifeblood of the Republic.

After a difficult time in basic training, she was assigned to Squad 16782.

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