Prepared Remarks

Honored members of the Commitee.

It was a great honor to be selected to head the investigative team which was formed to handle this crucial assignment. Recent events have left the Galaxy shaking, the New Republic atremble even as it takes its first steps out of the darkness to which we have been subjected for so long. If I can in some small way contribute to a just conclusion for these sorry events, I am happy to have been given the opportunity.

As I dug into the matter, some complained that the team was looking into matters best left closed, reconstituting histories long-written and well-established. I did what I could in my modest way to explain the necessity of these apparently irrelevant searches and journeys. I must confess that the greatest latitude and the most generous access have been afforded to my talented associates and I can say with confidence that this investigation is among the most thorough and well-documented of any I have ever undertaken.

Nevertheless, the doubts of those who felt my ambition folly and suggested a narrower approach have some merit, as I discovered to my dismay. Scientists tell us that certain extremely tiny particles cannot be examined without the examination itself changing their behavior. And so it perhaps is for history as well. The amalgamation of memory, the collation of data, the recounting of things heard, imagined, dreamed...

In the end, who are we to say that what we think we know is true? We believed in what we thought we knew about the destruction of Alderaan, the first Death Star, the revenge of the Empire, the second Death Star at Endor, the death of Palpatine. We believed that the description of these occurrences were not only given as true but true in fact, the received wisdom of so many for so long, its stories set by a dozen authorities, immutable and eternal. Yet to these events we must apply the only tools we have ever truly had at our disposal. Reason... science... fact... memory... uncertainty... doubt...

It is the sad certainty of the historian and the policymaker alike: Sometimes the more you look, the less you really know.

Let us begin.