The Star Destroyer Implacable

The Implacable took to the skies of the Galaxy approximately nine months before the Battle of Endor, according to Imperial records, captained, at least initially, by Markech Lall, a young officer who distinguished himself during the pursuit of the Alliance Fleet after the evacuation of Hoth. He also withdrew his severely damaged vessel in good order after the catastrophe of the destruction of the second Death Star.

Lall's decomposing body was recently discovered, months dead, on a space station in the Mid Rim. The current captain of the Implacable - and its ultimate loyalty - is unknown.

The Implacable has been spotted in the Outer Rim territories on several occasions, and has struck against vulnerable New Republic ships and convoys more than once. Although clearly whoever commands the ship cannot fully repair the damage to it, it is still spaceworthy and still extremely dangerous.

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